Who is Teacher Ignacio Chávez?

Lecturer: “Integral Learning Communities Applied to Foreing Languages”, November 2023, UNICLA Universidad Contemporanea de las Américas, Uruapan.

Panelist: “Technology and Gamification: Teaching Languages with the New Generations”, October 2023, Recrea Academy, Feria Internacional de Lenguas Extranjeras, Guadalajara.

Lecturer: “Innovative English Teaching: Social Media and Fun”, October 2023, Recrea Academy, Feria Internacional de Lenguas Extranjeras, Guadalajara.

Lecturer: Social Networks and Virtual Education, Before, During, and After Pandemics. 4th International Congress of Online Education 2023, Universidad Gabriela Mistral, Anthology, Santiago de Chile.



Diploma in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapeutic Intervention from Asociación Mexicana de Psicoterapia y Educación y del Centro de Atención Psicoterapéutico, Lenguaje y Aprendizaje.

Harvard Manage Mentor Diploma (Managerial Skills) from Harvard Business Publishing.

Master's in Education from Tec de Monterrey

Bachelor's in Graphic Design from Universidad Don Vasco, affiliated with UNAM. Professional License: 2761366.

Proficiency in English Certificate from the University of Michigan.

In-service Certificate for English Language Teachers (ICELT) with Merit in Teaching from the University of Cambridge.

Certificate in Ethics from Tec de Monterrey in collaboration with Universidad de Deusto.

Certified External Training Agent by the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social with registration number CAMI750403TR7-0005.

Certified Facilitator with Standard EC0217 by the Consejo Nacional de Normalización y Certificación de Competencias Laborales (Conocer).
I have been an English teacher since 2012 at the secondary school of the Morelos Institute of Uruapan, a Marist school where, with special attention to student support and practicing the presence proposed by the Marists, I have participated in extracurricular photography classes and also supported in activities related to recruiting new students and promoting the school through social media. I am also involved in planning and organizing various events that the Institute holds throughout the year, including festivities, tournaments, cultural events, retreats, and more.

With interest, aptitude, and attitude, I served as the Director of Harmon Hall Uruapan, coordinating and supervising the work of a team of 17 people, including academics and administrative staff. In a short time, we achieved significant agreements for this institute, as well as for the benefiting companies or institutions.

Also, as Director at Harmon Hall, I was responsible for opening the branch in Metepec, State of Mexico, where I was involved in promotion, sales, customer service, selection and recruitment of administrative and academic personnel, training, and supervision.

Prior to this, I worked as a Teacher and Teacher Trainer within the same institution at the Uruapan branch, in Michoacán.

I served as the Director of the Professional School of Graphic Design at the IUEM University, Instituto Universitario del Estado de México, where, in addition to the administrative role leading approximately 200 students and 60 professors, I participated in the redesign of some courses for their update and in the evaluation of the curriculum. I was also involved in developing the institution's training programs for both induction courses and those aimed at continuous improvement.

My professional experience also includes work at Tec de Monterrey, where I taught English for over six years, as well as subjects in the Department of Human Development such as Human Relations, Communication, and Professional Guidance, the latter taught in English. My role at this institution included coordinating some subjects, redesigning some courses to incorporate information technology, planning and developing a new approach to language teaching, and participating in conferences, presentations, and institutional-level training programs.

I worked in Graphic Design at Club Press printing company, where I proposed designs, handled pre-press and printing supervision, provided customer service, and communicated with suppliers.

As the General Director of Diestra Consultores since 1998, I have provided professional services for strategic design development with consultancy projects in areas such as image, training, instructor development, human development, quality, productivity, education, project management, leadership, problem-solving, sales, negotiation, customer service, corporate identity design (logos, stationery, etc.), advertising, production supervision, editorial design, commercial and social photography, and point-of-sale materials.

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Published Works

opened book on table
opened book on table

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person writing on white notebook

Rediseño de la Revista Expresión del Arte y la Cultura.

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two people sitting at a table with laptops

Perfil de los estudiantes que logran obtener 500 puntos en el examen de ubicación TOEFL para alumnos de nuevo ingreso a los niveles Medio Superior y Superior del Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Toluca.

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woman reading book sitting beside electronic keyboard

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boy in black hoodie sitting on chair

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two women near tables

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